Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Human Mentality Impulse Purchases

If  you want make money it is your own decision if you want to keep good deeds while doing this. Some ways won’t annoy anyone, and will get you a few views. Getting more people to see it will cause you to work a little harder. Below are some ideas to get you started. You may have heard of some before, yet others may be new to you. I have also included some special information on how to avoid being blocked from some of these places.
If you want make money the firts step is to join a purebits .

• PasteBin.com
This is a well known site where you can paste anything you want without registering for an account. Anything that is posted will be displayed on the front page until enough new posts are made in order to move your post off. How do we get the most downloads here? By using a PasteBin bot. There are many available, a simple search on Google will get you one quickly. In order to avoid getting banned, I suggest you either use a VPN or find a bot that supports proxies.

• Forums
There are tens of thousands of boards on the internet, talking about anything from farming to pets. Discover boards with a small users list and non-active staff. The best way of doing this is by using Search engines to discover boards organised by smfnew.com. Use this simple Search engines dork: “inurl: smfnew.com” to discover many of these boards. Once you sign-up for such a community, post your written text in as many different groups as possible.

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